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May, 2011


Another Drainage Challenge Solved…

The Backstory – from our client’s point of view:

Finally…our dream of a new family room addition was about to become a reality.

During pre-construction meetings with our general contractor and Mike Barba of Anchor Bolt, Inc., we were asked if we’d ever had water in our basement or puddles in our yard.

Mike reminded us that the presence of water in the basement can lead to the growth of mold spores, which could impact our family’s health.

Indeed, my wife and I DID remember discovering water in the basement after long rainstorms – and all the headaches associated with the clean-up and lingering dampness. I also remembered the troublesome puddles that formed around our home’s perimeter after rainwater flowed from the downspouts.

We were grateful that Mike raised this point, and we agreed that drainage was a key issue. Mike suggested a proactive approach during construction, to prevent any water infiltration into our new (and existing) basement. His creative solution was just what we needed, and our addition is everything we hoped for – including a DRY basement!

Anchor Bolt’s Drainage Solution:

The Anchor Bolt team provided an outlet that directed water-flow away from this home.

We excavated a 2′-diameter x 10′-deep hole, and installed a catch basin/leaching pit to drain the surface water. The home’s downspouts were piped below grade directly into the catch basin/leach pit.

We located the catch basin in an inconspicuous area of the yard, screened between some evergreen bushes.

Another drainage challenge solved, and most importantly – another happy client.


Why Contractors & Clients DIG Anchor Bolt…

“I will not use any other site work contractor other than Anchor Bolt, even if it means holding up my schedule and waiting for him.”

I even tell my customers up front, ‘I use one guy and one guy only. We start when he is available.’ The level of quality and the trust I can put in Mike to make critical decisions on site and keep my interests in mind at all times is something critical to a large business such as ours.

In this business when you have a contractor that your PMs don’t have to babysit, you hang on to him. Combine that with fair pricing and a high level of personal trust, and you get a contractor you won’t want to be without.”

Bill Gadbois
Masters Touch
Building – Remodeling – Design
Medfield, MA

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